House Approves Barrar Bill to Extend Funding for Pennsylvania’s 911 Emergency Telephone System
HARRISBURG – The House today approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Steve Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware) to extend the state’s current 911 law while policymakers work to modernize and upgrade the vital, life-saving system.

This is a simple reauthorization of existing law for one year, during which time the House and Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness committees will then use the remainder of the year to draft an agreed-to bill to modernize the entire 911 Act by June of 2015. The law, which includes 911 surcharges to fund the system, was set to expire June 30 of this year.

Barrar, who is chairman of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, said the surcharges on wireless and landline telephone bills help cover the cost of necessary technology updates and maintenance of the Commonwealth’s 911 emergency system.  

“Earlier this session, I held a series of public hearings across the state on a plan to overhaul Pennsylvania’s 911 Emergency Telephone Act to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and the costs of maintaining the system,” said Barrar.

“Last year, the governor signed into law my legislation to ensure the solvency of the Commonwealth’s Wireless E-911 Fund into the foreseeable future.  At that time, I pledged that my committee would fully explore needed updates to the law with regard to 911 surcharge fees, the funding disbursement formula, shared technologies and next generation 911.”

House Bill 2275 now goes to the Senate for consideration.

Representative Stephen E. Barrar
160th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:  Donna Pinkham /
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