Barrar Encourages Participation in Red Cross Month
HARRISBURG – Rep. Steve Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware) asks Commonwealth residents to take advantage of any of the numerous opportunities to become involved with the American Red Cross during March is Red Cross Month.

On Tuesday, Feb. 24, Rep. Steve Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware) joined fellow American Red Cross advocates in encouraging Commonwealth residents to participate in Red Cross Month. 
Franklin D. Roosevelt first declared March as Red Cross Month in 1937 to redirect the nation’s focus to the charitable organization, and all subsequent presidents have followed his lead. House Resolution 106, which Barrar co-sponsored, declares March as Red Cross month in Pennsylvania.

“As majority chairman of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee for the past five years, I have witnessed firsthand the good work the Red Cross has performed for individuals and families, not only in our Pennsylvania hometowns, but in communities all over the country,” Barrar said. “The organization, its staff and volunteers have lent a helping hand when it has mattered most.”

In 2014 alone, the Red Cross responded to almost 3,000 incidents including fires, floods and building collapses. The organization offered its services for days, weeks or months after the initial disaster. For countless disaster victims, the Red Cross helps them rebuild their lives, one step at a time.

“The $150,000 in state money that was set aside during the current fiscal year to help fund this program has allowed disaster victims to pick up the pieces without being a burden on state government resources,” Barrar said. “The Red Cross can provide these services far better than the state government can—and the state’s investment has proven beneficial.”

An average of 91 cents of every dollar the American Red Cross spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs.

Commonwealth residents have a new opportunity to contribute to the Red Cross when completing their taxes. They can now check a box to donate a portion of their refund to the Red Cross, which makes the donation process more effortless than ever.

“Whether residents choose to take advantage of the opportunity to direct some of their federal tax refund to the Red Cross, donate blood, become a volunteer or take a Red Cross class, I encourage everyone to become involved this March,” Barrar said. “Like this year’s Red Cross theme notes, not all heroes wear capes.”

Representative Stephen E. Barrar
160th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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