Barrar’s Bill to Increase National Guard Minimum State Active Duty Pay Passes the State House
HARRISBURG – The state House today voted unanimously in favor of legislation drafted by Rep. Steve Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware) to increase the minimum state active duty pay for Pennsylvania National Guard members from $75 to $100 per day.

House Bill 602 would give our Pennsylvania National Guard members the pay increase they have not received since 1996, despite their tremendous service to our Commonwealth during times of crises and natural disasters.

“Despite the incredible contributions Pennsylvania’s National Guardsmen make through assistance they provide during state emergencies, they have not received a base-minimum pay raise in almost 20 years,” Barrar said. “With this pay increase, our guardsmen would enjoy similar pay benefits to the guardsmen in neighboring states who have already received this base-minimum adjustment through their state legislatures.”

This legislation benefits lower-ranking enlisted personnel, who earn a lower base pay due to having less time and grade in the military.

“I am thankful that my colleagues today recognized the long hours our Pennsylvania National Guard serve each day during an emergency,” Barrar said. “This increase is well-deserved, and I am pleased that we are one step closer to providing it.”

The bill now advances to the Senate for consideration.

Representative Stephen E. Barrar
160th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Alison Evans
717.260.6206 /
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