Pennsylvania National Guard, Civil Air Patrol Work to Protect Commonwealth, Barrar Says
HARRISBURG – Rep. Steve Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware) today heard testimony about how the Pennsylvania National Guard and Civil Air Patrol aid the Commonwealth and the nation during a joint hearing of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness committees.

“The Pennsylvania National Guard and Civil Air Patrol work tirelessly to provide emergency support, and they do such a tremendous job,” Barrar said. “From cyber attacks to weather events, both groups work to prevent and respond to tragedy.”

In his testimony, Brig. Gen. Anthony Carrelli, the acting Adj. Gen. of the Pennsylvania National Guard, emphasized the importance of a local response during a disaster. While the financial support of the state, and nation—if necessary, is important, he explained that nothing is more valuable than having a strong local presence prepared to mobilize during catastrophes.

However, regardless of how skilled and equipped the Pennsylvania National Guard is, Carrelli stressed the need for citizens to prepare when the possibility of an emergency exists. When people do not take proper precautions before an upcoming snowstorm, for example, it places unnecessary financial strain on the guard. More importantly, it also compromises the safety of others.

The committees also heard from Col. Gary Fleming, commander of the Pennsylvania Wing Civil Air Patrol (CAP). The patrol, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary of service to the Commonwealth, is a volunteer force with a number of duties: coastal and border patrol, search and rescue, natural disaster relief, air defense support and joint training with the military.

Fleming also described the CAP Cadet Program, which transforms youth ages 12-20 into responsible citizens poised for success in both military and civilian careers. Cadets have access to a range of special activities including flight academics, civics academies and specialized Air Force training at Space Command and Para-rescue.
Members of the committees indicated their strong support and appreciation for the Pennsylvania National Guard as well as CAP, with Barrar commenting that legislation to enable CAP to receive federal funding will come before House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness committee for a vote Wednesday.

“These groups are instrumental in maintaining safety and order in the Commonwealth both in times of tragedy and major events,” Barrar said. “I have great respect for the incredible service they provide us, and I look forward to supporting their missions in any way I can.”

Representative Stephen E. Barrar
160th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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