Barrar Legislation Will Ensure Future Medal of Honor Recipients Are Memorialized in Soldiers’ Grove

With the most recent Pennsylvania Medal of Honor (MOH) recipient being memorialized today in the Soldiers’ Grove Tides of War Memorial Garden, Rep. Stephen E. Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware) reiterated the need to devise a plan for the future use of the grounds as an honorarium for MOH recipients, as space is dwindling.


“Soldiers’ Grove was established by law in 1987 to honor Pennsylvania’s military heroes,” said Barrar.  “In 1994, the Medal of Honor Memorial Garden, known as the ‘Tides of War’ was created. With the number of honorees expected to be memorialized on these grounds, we may run out of space as early as 2016.  We have to take action now to ensure that our future heroes receive the tribute they deserve.”


Barrar authored House Resolution 331, which the House unanimously approved in June, to form a select committee to study the future and continued use of the Soldiers’ Grove and the Medal of Honor Garden.  Barrar, as majority chairman of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, would serve as the chairman of the select committee, which is required to report its findings and recommendations to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on or before Nov. 30, 2012.


“The soldier we honored here today, Chief Master Sergeant Richard Loy Etchberger, is a shining example of courage and valor,” said Barrar.  “He sacrificed and gave his life for this nation and earned the distinction of being honored on the hallowed ground in Soldiers’ Grove.  It would be offensive to him and to all other current and future Medal of Honor recipients to ignore the issues facing this memorial.”


Currently, 379 MOH recipients are memorialized at Soldiers’ Grove.


State Representative Steve Barrar

160th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Nicole Wamsley