After misleading comments were made on Facebook, I felt the need to go on the record to let everyone know my position on the sale of the Chester Water Authority (CWA). 

I am opposed to the sale. Since yesterday afternoon, I have received many inquiries about legislation to give the City of Chester six additional seats on the board of directors. Currently, the city has three seats, and Delaware and Chester counties also have three seats. This legislation would give the city the votes they need to sell the authority. 

Immediately, I had a conversation with the House Majority Leader to see if this was true. He confirmed there was an attempt to add this language into the administration code bill running this week. After I explained my position on the bill, he agreed with me that this was a bad provision, and he would make sure it was not adopted into the code legislation. 

I stand in support of the employees and the board of directors of CWA. They are a well-run utility, and their rates have always been reasonable. I hope this answers any concern.